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Ushering in an era of
personalised medicine

Every person is unique. Everyone’s DNA is distinctive. It is only natural that medicines and treatments react differently for different patients. The only way forward is to make diagnoses and treatments to be tailor made to meet the requirements of every individual. NGIVD is collaborating with various companies, NGOs, and government bodies to usher in a new age of personalised patient care.

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Personalised Medicine

The impact of treatments and medicines vastly depend on people’s genetic makeup. The same treatment could have widely different effects on different people with the same ailment. This is particularly true in chronic conditions like cancer.

NGIVD is collaborating with various pharmaceutical companies in identifying and developing predictive diagnostics to target those patients who are more likely to respond to specific therapies. Ushering in a new era of personalised medicine, we are also collaborating with leading diagnostic kit manufacturers in developing affordable and customised biomarker/mutation specific kits and ensuring it reaches the users quickly and effectively.

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Patient Support Programs

There are various challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases in India. Late diagnosis and poor treatment adherence among the patients of diseases like Tuberculosis is rampant in the Indian healthcare environment. NGIVD has the experience of creating and managing the comprehensive and integrated patient support programs to overcome the multiple hurdles that the patient has to go through right from TB diagnosis, TB treatment, and TB follow up.

NGIVD collaborates with various Government bodies, pharmaceutical companies, and the NGOs to ensure that all aspects of patients’ interaction including awareness about the disease and testing, home delivery of the drugs, and adherence support are covered under its patient support programs.

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Corporate Preventive
Healthcare Services

Accurate and affordable healthcare solutions have been the prime focus for NGIVD. Our Corporate Healthcare Services in collaboration with some of our accredited partners have been availed by more than 100 corporate clients in a short time span of last two years. NGIVD’s unique healthcare index based pre employment health checkups not only provide the potential employers with the required health profile of the employees but also saves the time and cost for the hiring companies. NGIVD also offers the Annual Health checkups, Special day health camps, and Family wellness plans for the corporate clients. NGIVD also has multiple global collaborations to offer predictive genetic testing to the health-conscious individuals who are interested in knowing their predisposition to specific genetic diseases.

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