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Our Mission

Better Diagnostics,
Better Healthcare.

Our mission is to enable affordable, easy, and accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases to enable better healthcare for all.

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NGIVD’s Proposition

The Case for Better Diagnostics in India

The Opportunity

  • With 350 million tests performed annually, the market is growing at 18% to 20% with a business potential of ₹3,000 Crores. Patient care has improved significantly as a result of the health infrastructure being developed.
  • Yet, the bottom-of-the-pyramid population continues to face problems as very few diagnostics solutions reach to this level, with only 30% to 35% of the total incidence getting diagnosed.
  • Lack of access to healthcare and diagnosis is the biggest challenge faced by disadvantaged patients in lower strata communities.

The Gap

  • 90% of the equipment that is used to diagnose diseases today are imported, high priced, and require high-capital to install and operate. They are in effect, restricted to work only in locations that require a high-resource setting and are also typically lab-based.
  • To effectively diagnose a disease, multiple tests are required which need multiple samples–putting immense stress on the patient physically and psychologically.
  • Despite this huge and growing problem, most domestics tests developed have low accuracy.

Our Solution

  • Our progressive solutions help in aiding the identification of multiple disease markers in just a single sample – this means low-cost, high impact, scalable, replicable, and measurable outcomes.
  • This paves the way for our healthcare system in India to become efficient, accurate, accessible, and significantly cost-effective as it should be.

Better Diagnosis Through Sciences

Progressive Solutions
for a Progressive Nation

NGIVD is reimagining how healthcare is accessed by people of all walks of life through its revolutionary new Multiplexing technology. The diagnostic tests are designed to provide healthcare technicians with timely, reliable, and clinically actionable information reducing systemic delays that stand between patient care and life-saving treatments.

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Our Products
  • Tuberculosis
  • Kala-Azar (Leishmaniasis)
  • Fevers of Unknown Origin

Products & Services

Disease Areas

Infectious and vector-borne diseases are one of the major causes of illnesses in India. Often preventable and curable, the lack of proper diagnostic tools has led people to settle for treatments that are either incorrect or too late. The lack of access to correct diagnosis has adversely affected the quality of life for millions of people.

NGIVD, with its game-changing technology, is poised to disrupt the status quo by providing easier and better access to diagnostic tools. This will help physicians get more patients on the right therapy faster, increasing the chances of both patient survival, and recovery.

Transforming Lives


NGIVD is developing a whole new class of innovative diagnostic tools that will transform the lives of people having limited or inadequate treatment choices. With innovative molecular sciences, technical excellence, and cutting-edge Multiplexing technology, NGIVD will be disrupting how diagnostics reaches the common man by expanding access to technology that was once reserved for only the most sophisticated of laboratories and for those who could afford it.

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The NGIVD Value Proposition

Accurate Replace ‘Elimination’ approach of diagnostics with accurate ‘Selection’ approach of syndromic identification
Single sample test pin-points the exact problem; enabling targeted treatments with shortened treatment times. Affordable
Accessible Multiplexing platform can be adopted to multiple disease areas enabling better diagnosis in low-resource settings.

The science and technology behind our solutions is proving its mettle both at home and abroad with grants from BIRAC (Biotechnology Innovation and Research Assistant Council, Department of Biotechnology) and accreditation from USISTEF (United States – India Science and Technology Endowment Fund).

BIRAC (Biotechnology Innovation and Research Assistant Council, a Department of Biotechnology)

BIRAC (Biotechnology Innovation and Research Assistant Council, a Department of Biotechnology) has awarded NGIVD’s TB diagnostic product with a Biotechnology Industry Partnership Program grant.


USISTEF (United States – India Science and Technology Endowment Fund) has also approved NGIVD’s TB diagnostic product.

Indian Council of Medical Research

Licensed the Leishmaniasis LAMP technology from ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research)

Our Strengths

Our work culture and ethics give us an all-round capability to not only reframe existing problems and innovate ingenious solutions, but it also gives us an edge to test these products and make them market ready.

Work With Us

People are Our
Greatest Strength

If you want to work on ground-breaking scientific solutions with pioneering technology that will impact and transform the lives of those around you, please contact us.

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